A fish as beautiful as it is destructive; invasive lionfish have had dramatic impacts on marine ecosystems due to their high reproductive rate and voracious appetites. These visually stunning fish have characteristic red and white stripes and long, fanlike spines and fins. 

REEF Lionfish Jewelry Workshops encourage a consumer market that promotes lionfish removal. During the workshop, REEF will explain the background of the invasion, biology and ecology of lionfish, impacts, current research findings, collecting tools and techniques, market development and ways for getting the community involved. Workshop instructors will also provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to make lionfish jewelry, and you can begin crafting your own customized jewelry from pre-treated lionfish fins. 

All of the lionfish used in our workshops are locally collected in the Florida Keys or South Florida. Following capture, the lionfish fins and spines are carefully removed and treated to ensure safe handling.

This Lionfish Jewelry Workshop will be held ONLINE via GoToWebinar so anyone, anywhere can participate!

You can participate by just watching, or by getting in there and doing it yourself! Lionfish Jewelry kits, with everything you need to make your own jewelry, are sold in our online store here. (includes necklace pendant, earring pendants, cotton necklace cord, treated lionfish fins, and resin). If you'd like to receive your materials by the time of the online workshop, please order by October 7.

NOTE: Silver jewelry settings will be provided unless gold is requested.