Areas of Focus for Marine Biodiversity Programs

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Fish Identification 

The Volunteer Fish Survey Project has engaged volunteer SCUBA divers and snorkelers to collect and report data on marine fish, sea turtles, invertebrates, and algae species. This program has generated the world's largest database on marine fishes. Learning to identify and recognize the marine fish species properly is the first step to becoming a volunteer surveyor with REEF. Whether you're just starting to learn the most common fish species or you're perfecting your skills to an expert level, we have a variety of Fish Identification programs to best suit your needs. 

  • Beginner Fish ID
  • Intermediate Fish ID
  • Advanced Fish ID
  • Family Specific Fish ID
  • Habitat or Location Specific Fish ID

Fish Behavior 

Ever wonder why fish behave the way they do? Our Fish Behavior programs will teach you everything there is presently known about the nature of reef fishes throughout the Caribbean. From reproduction and feeding to camouflage and communication, these courses are perfect for those wishing to increase their knowledge of common marine fishes' lives and those wanting to perfect their fish ID skills. 

  • Introduction to Fish Behavior
  • Family Specific Fish Behavior
  • Using Habitats, Anatomy, and Behavior to ID Fish

Citizen Science & the Volunteer Fish Survey Project

The Volunteer Fish Survey Project is an effective and powerful ocean citizen science program that allows scientists and resource managers to use the data to better understand and protect ocean ecosystems worldwide. The best part? It is done completely by volunteer SCUBA divers and snorkelers. Schedule a Citizen Science program with us if you're interested in what it means to be a Citizen Scientist or, better yet, become one yourself. 

  • What is Citizen Science?
  • The Importance of Citizen Science
  • How to Become a Citizen Scientist 
We can also offer a variety of lessons based on individual fish families, such as: 
  • Parrotfish & Wrasses
  • Sharks & Rays
  • Angelfish & Butterflyfish 
  • Gobies & Blennies 
  • Mangrove & Seagrass Fish Species 
  • Odd-Shaped Swimmers
  • Fish You Might Be Missing 
All Fish ID & Behavior programs are based on Florida Keys species unless requested otherwise. If you would like to learn about marine fish species elsewhere in the Caribbean or other regions, we'd be happy to discuss the possibility of tailoring your lesson to a specific location or area.