The Golden Hamlet Club is a highly dedicated group of surveyors who have conducted 1,000 or more REEF surveys as part of the Volunteer Fish Survey Project. We are filled with fishy delight to welcome Todd Cliff to the Golden Hamlet Club! Todd started surveying in 2002 in Washington state. He has conducted surveys in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii regions, and has reached Expert Level status in both! Most of Todd's REEF surveys have been conducted in cold water, so to acknowledge this, we presented him with a "Golden Lumpsucker Award," named for the cute and elusive Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker! Some of Todd's favorite fishes include the Monkeyface Prickleback and the Lagoon Triggerfish. His goals for the future include helping to raise awareness of REEF and to teach and mentor others who are interested in marine life and diving. Congratulations Todd, and welcome to the Golden Hamlet Club! Click here to read more about Todd's surveying journey, and here to learn more about the Golden Hamlet Club.