REEF is proud to highlight Blue Endeavors, one of our outstanding Conservation Partners. REEF Conservation Partners are active organizations and dive shops committed to protecting marine environments worldwide. As valued REEF ambassadors, they serve as centers for marine conservation actions, outreach, and education. You can view the full listing of Conservation Partners or register your organization as a REEF Conservation Partner here.

In what ways do you participate with REEF’s main programs?
Blue Endeavors hosts regular REEF fish and invertebrate survey dives in Monterey, as part of the citizen science program for members.

Blue Endeavors member and dive instructor Keith Crowell said, "one of the biggest shifts in my enjoyment of diving happened when I started doing REEF survey dives. My appreciation of the underwater world grew as I was able to name and record what I was seeing underwater." He and a fellow instructor worked with Blue Endeavors' founder to create an education series focusing on marine life ID covering REEF’s Northern California fish, invertebrates and algae. The marine life ID series has expanded to include all of the California coast, along with Pacific Northwest. They are also working on developing Philippines and NW Caribbean marine life ID series.

“Doing REEF survey dives are a lot of fun and it’s really gratifying to be able to identify the different species I see underwater. It's a great feeling to know that the data I’m submitting will help scientists,” said Gen Rohe, a Blue Endeavors member.

What other actions do you take to promote marine conservation?
A key component of Blue Endeavors’ mission is teaching conservation through diving and collaboration with local communities. Blue Endeavors hosts a variety of conservation and restoration activities, both in California and abroad.

Locally, Blue Endeavors organizes underwater and beach cleanup dives. Divers are involved in kelp restoration and urchin culling projects in Mendocino County, California, where overgrazing kelp-eating urchins have destroyed over 90% of the region’s bull kelp. In Bonaire and Honduras, members can get certified in coral reef restoration in partnership with the Reef Renewal Foundation. In Socorro, Mexico, members can also join a liveaboard expedition where they monitor and identify giant manta rays.

Blue Endeavors hosts webinars on conservation, sustainability, photography and exploration, as well as annual fundraising events for shark and manta ray conservation research. Blue Endeavors hosts an after-school marine science and conservation “Aquanauts” program for elementary school students and also organizes dive trips for high school students to engage in coral reef restoration in Honduras and manta ID in Socorro, Mexico. Founder Vince Smith hopes these programs will inspire the next generation of marine biologists, ecologists and conservationists.

How can REEF members get involved with Blue Endeavors?

• Become a member - options start at $10/month. Click here for info.
• Sign up for a species ID, sustainability, or photography webinar. Non-members may attend their first webinar for free! Click here to view the calendar.
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