We’re excited to introduce our Spring 2020 Marine Conservation Interns. These individuals will support the REEF team in mission-oriented tasks and daily office operations at REEF Headquarters, as well as play an integral role in many education and outreach opportunities, including the first Lionfish Derby of the year. This semester’s interns bring a unique set of skills and interests to REEF. They include:

Maddi Piascik from Richmond, Virginia: Maddi graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B.S. in Marine Science. While in college, she conducted an independent research study on phytoplankton and served as the design director for USC Dance Marathon. She also collaborated with USC's student government to plan and execute a week of sustainability to highlight environmental issues. She has volunteered in South Africa and recently spent a semester studying abroad at in Australia. This spring, Maddi is excited to use her creative communication skills and underwater experience to support REEF's mission.

Amelia Welch from Lino Lakes, Minnesota: Amelia received her B.S. in Sustainable Management from the University of Wisconsin system. Amelia studied abroad in Costa Rica, where she finessed her Spanish lanaguge and photography skills, and learned about environmental issues. She served for the Conservation Corps of Minnesota, where she learned how to effectively manage and maintain natural resources, combat invasive species, and restore prairies. She looks forward to learning more about marine conservation through her internship with REEF.

Riley Zoldi from Hamilton, New Jersey: Riley graduated from North Carolina State University with dual majors in Environmental Science and Marine Science. While in college, Riley interned at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, conducted research in a plankton ecology lab, and spent a summer in Australia participating in beach cleanups and studying the Great Barrier Reef. She has also worked for New Logic Marine Science Camp, where she lead outdoor environmental education programs. At REEF, Riley is excited to learn about nonprofit management and engage with the public through education, outreach, and citizen science.

Our interns are a vital part of REEF and we couldn’t accomplish our mission without them! For more information about the Marine Conservation Internship or to apply for an upcoming semester, visit www.REEF.org/internship.