Twenty-seven surveyors have met our 20 in 2020 Challenge by conducting and submitting at least 20 surveys this year. The challenge is ongoing throughout 2020 and there's still plenty of time to join in. Everyone who completes the challenge gets a special decal and is entered into a drawing for a prize! You can check out more details on the webpage here.

Have you conducted and submitted 20 surveys in 2020? If so, email and let us know!

Challenge Accepted and Completed:
Ed Gullekson
Cassandra Neal
Mike Snow
Mary Adams
Peter Leahy
Pam Wade
Pieter Booth
Sue Manning
Marta Zahalak
Nick Brilliande
Molly Myers
MJ Farr
Don McCoy
Richard Olson
Doug Harder
Dennis Bensen
Lindsay Hurst
Kara Curry
Rocio Bunker
Chuck Curry
Janet Eyre
Tiffany Poon
Don Gordon
Lillian Kenney
Janet Camp
Joe Mangiafico
Marilyn Bentley