Shelter in place? No problem for April's Fish of the Month, the Gorgeous Shrimpgoby (Amblyeleotris wheeleri)!

Survey Regions: Found throughout a wide range of the tropical Pacific in REEF's Central Indo-Pacific (CIP) and South Pacific (SOP) regions, as well as the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, which makes up the IORS, our newest survey region.
Size: Just over 3 inches.
Identifying Features: Six red bars with yellowish spaces in between, scattered red spots on head and blue spots on body, and a red stripe edged in vibrant blue on the anal fin.
Fun Fact: This species knows how to stay at home! Like other shrimpgobies, the Gorgeous Shrimpgoby shares its burrow with a blind snapping shrimp. During the day, the shrimp constantly maintains the burrow, which consists of elaborate tunnels and chambers in the sand. The goby serves as a lookout and only strays from the entrance of the burrow to pick up mouthfuls of sand, which it then filters for food. At the first sign of danger, the goby alerts its partner shrimp and both quickly dart into the burrow.

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