Are your gills drying out in self-quarantine? Grab your laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone and join us for our next Fishinar, Fishes of Guanaja, on Thursday, April 16 at 8:00pm EDT! Instructor Janna Nichols will teach you tricks to identify the fishes of deep walls and tranquil gardens of Guanaja, located in the Bay Islands of Honduras - part of our Tropical Western Atlantic survey region. Fishinars are free webinars that will teach you the finer points of fish ID. These educational sessions are open to all; from divers and snorkelers, to anyone wanting to know more about the ocean’s inhabitants. They are great for first-time REEF surveyors, or those wanting a review. You can register for our next Fishinar here.

We record all Fishinars and make them available online, so if you are unable to join us, you can view it later on. With more than 170 sessions to choose from, you can find one for every ocean region and every level of experience. Please visit this page for the complete archive.