REEF's Volunteer Fish Survey Project database totals more than 258,000 surveys. A small group of highly dedicated surveyors known as the Golden Hamlet Club have contributed significantly to this total by each conducting 1,000+ REEF surveys. Congratulations to Dennis Bensen, our newest member of the Golden Hamlet Club!

Dennis has been a REEF member since 2001 and is an expert level surveyor in both the Tropical Western Atlantic and Hawaii regions. He's conducted surveys in 7 of REEF's 11 survey regions, and over half of his 1,000 surveys done in the Hawaii region.

Dennis shared some his most memorable (and funny!) moments along the journey to 1,000 surveys in a recent Golden Hamlet Q&A session. You can read more about Dennis and his experiences as a REEF surveyor here. We're so happy to have Dennis as a part of our REEF family and are so proud of his achievement!

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