Spring is here, and the REEF education team is hard at work teaching all ages about the ocean and marine conservation! REEF Ocean Explorers Education Programs bring the ocean to life through online and in-person learning. Our programs include hands-on lessons and activities to teach participants of all ages and backgrounds about citizen science, ocean life, marine ecology and habitats, and most importantly, how we can make a difference. Here are some stats from REEF Ocean Explorers Education Programs so far in 2023:

•13 education sessions provided at no cost to participants, with support from the Oceans for All Fund, reaching over 250 individuals.
• 38 in-person Discovery Programs taught in the Upper Florida Keys.
• 33 downloads of the Virtual Field Trips and Virtual Case Studies, engaging more than 480 students.
• 15 organizations or schools served, including both local and out-of-state groups including Ecology Project International, Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW), Grand Classroom, Community School of Naples, Coral Shores High School, Ocean Studies Charter School, Plantation Key School, Key Largo School, Ocean Reef Club, YMCA of the Upper Keys, and the Florida Keys Council of the Arts.
• Nearly 900 individuals reached through the Ocean Explorers Education Programs, from elementary school students to senior citizens.
• 20 outreach events hosted or attended, reaching more than 1,300 individuals.

Ocean Explorers Education Programs create opportunities for the next generation of stewards to lead positive change for marine environments and form a conservation community. We work directly with groups to tailor each program to their unique needs and interests, creating a memorable experience and helping people build connections with nature. If you or someone you know is interested in planning a program, check out www.REEF.org/explorers, or email explorers@REEF.org to start your adventure. You can also click here to join the email list and receive updates about education programs.