Are you interested in teaching fish ID to others, but aren't sure where to begin? Check out REEF's marine life identification curricula, which is available for 15 different areas! These instructor-led courses include everything you need to teach divers and snorkelers about some of the most commonly encountered species in a given region. Dive shops, clubs, and instructors can use this resource to introduce divers and snorkelers to citizen science and marine life identification. We have just released our newly updated South Pacific Fishes curriculum, featuring 66 of the commonly seen fish species in REEF's South Pacific (SOP) survey region, which includes Fiji, Tonga, Samoan Archipelago, Line Islands, and Cook Islands. The curriculum comes with an easy-to-use teaching materials to train students in identification and REEF survey methodology, a USB Flash drive with a slideshow of fish images, survey materials including a slate, underwater paper, and photo ID card, plus a Level 2 Surveyor quiz, and a fun FISH-O game.

Curricula are also available for our other regions, from the Tropical Western Atlantic to the Pacific Northwest and more. In addition there are a variety of underwater survey paper formats available for the various locations throughout the tropical Pacific, as well as our other survey regions. Check out the REEF Surveyor Toolbox to see all of the materials for a specific region. Curricula and other survey materials can be purchased online at