The holiday season is here, and that means cherished time with loved ones, plenty of celebrations, fun memories, and more. It can be tricky to choose the perfect holiday gift for your friends and family. We have the perfect solution!

Honor a friend or family member by making a tribute gift to REEF! Simply go to and select the "Memorial" or "Honorary" Giving Button. We'll send them a special note letting them know about your generous gesture in their honor. What better way to spread holiday cheer than by supporting marine conservation? When you make an honorary donation to REEF, you give a gift that impacts our future and our oceans, and honors your loved ones as well.

From using citizen science as a means to study biodiversity in our oceans, to combating invasive species like lionfish, to protecting endangered species like Nassau Grouper, we are proud to be making an impact on the marine environment. Our work is only possible through the support and dedication of people like you. If you haven't yet given this season, please consider donating to REEF today. We are so thankful for your support!