REEF is proud to highlight one of our outstanding Conservation Partners: Blue Planet Scuba. REEF Conservation Partners are active organizations and dive shops committed to protecting marine environments worldwide. As valued REEF ambassadors, they serve as centers for marine conservation actions, outreach, and education. You can view the full listing of Conservation Partners or register your organization as a REEF Conservation Partner here.

In what ways do you participate with REEF’s main programs?
Blue Planet Scuba contributes to REEF's Volunteer Fish Survey Project and teaches fish ID classes. The Tropical Western Atlantic and South Atlantic States ID classes are a regular part of the in-shop classes as well as on trips. Currently, classes are being taught via Zoom. Two REEF Fish ID bingo events held over Zoom were huge hits as well. Each event had nearly thirty people participate, and winners received fish ID books and materials.

What other actions do you take to promote marine conservation?
This year, Blue Planet Scuba began offering regular online seminars covering topics such as marine protected areas, marine debris, and research diving. These sessions are taught by staff members and expert guest speakers. The online World Oceans Day celebration had nearly 100 attendees from all over the world! New marine conservation education programs are currently in the works, including coral identification and marine protected area exploration. Blue Planet Scuba also conducts socially distant monthly Dives Against Debris at an adopted dive site in Annapolis, MD. To support their local Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Blue Planet Scuba also organizes "stream team" cleanups on an adopted section of Rock Creek Park. All debris is documented on the Ocean Conservancy's Clean Swell app as well as manually catalogued for The Rock Creek Conservancy.

How can REEF members get involved with your dive shop/organization?
Blue Planet Scuba loves seeing new faces both in person and online. To get involved in their local efforts in Washington D.C., join a future trip, or attend any online education events, you can like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram @blueplanetdc, and sign up for their newsletter by visiting their website.