Mark your calendars, fish enthusiasts! We're headed to the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent for a REEF Field Survey Trip on Feb. 5-12, 2022. There are just three spaces remaining on the trip, and those who love adding to their fish survey life list will not want to miss this one. Known as the muck diving capital of the Caribbean, St. Vincent is renowned in the dive community as a hotspot for rare, unique, and cryptic species. Thirteen divers reported 243 species during our 2007 REEF Trip, including frogfish, Black Brotulas, pipefish, and even the iconic Golden Hamlet featured on the cover of Reef Fish Identification - Florida Caribbean Bahamas. Usually, muck diving goes hand-in-hand with silty water and low visibility, but St. Vincent's waters are typically clear and warm, with visibility of up to 100 feet. American Airlines has a direct flight from Miami to St. Vincent (SVD), making travel arrangements straightforward. Check out for more information, and email to reserve your space.