We're excited to introduce our 2023 REEF Educator in the Field Fellowship recipients! This past summer, three educators joined us on REEF Field Survey Trips in Roatan and the Red Sea, where they participated in ocean citizen science and data collection, and explored how to incorporate these programs into their classroom. The 2023 REEF Educators in the Field are:

• Blair Stuhlmuller, a high school teacher from Portland, Oregon, who teaches biology and two self-designed science elective classes, marine biology and mass extinctions.
• Maki Kasai, who has a background in aquatic science and is in her 19th year teaching high school in Oakland, California.
• Jennifer Donahue, who is a school librarian and co-moderator of a marine science club in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Blair attended the REEF Field Survey Trip to Roatan, while Jennifer and Maki attended the REEF Field Survey Trip to the Red Sea. During their trips, Blair, Jen, and Maki participated in the REEF Volunteer Fish Survey Project and returned to their schools able to share about data collection methods and the importance of citizen science programs. Reflecting on her experience, Blair said, "I had a blast as the REEF Educator in the Field. Participating in the Roatan Field Survey Trip experience showed me the power of citizen science. It's incredible what data can be collected while doing something you love. I used to just dive for fun but after my week of surveying in Roatan, I much prefer diving with a purpose. I want to carry that underwater slate and pencil every time I dive now. I learned so much and am so happy that I could contribute to REEF's database. I can't wait to take this experience and share it with my students."

Since returning home, Blair, Maki, and Jen have implemented REEF Ocean Explorers Education activities and lessons into their classrooms and programs. They also serve as part of REEF's newly-formed Education Advisory Panel, where they assist our Ocean Explorers Education team with developing lessons and by providing valuable feedback and insight. We are thrilled to continue working with Blair, Maki, and Jen, and are thankful for their continued passion for boosting ocean literacy and furthering REEF's ocean education initiatives.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2024 REEF Educator in the Field Fellowship! This year's Educator in the Field Fellowship recipient will join the REEF Field Survey Trip to Bonaire on July 20-27, 2024, to learn about marine life and citizen science, and conduct fish surveys while scuba diving or snorkeling as part of the REEF Volunteer Fish Survey Project. Applications are due January 1, 2024. Visit www.REEF.org/educatorinfield to learn more and apply.