This month, REEF is proud to highlight one of our outstanding Conservation Partners: CoCo View Resort in Roatan, Honduras. REEF Conservation Partners are active organizations and dive shops dedicated to protecting marine environments. As valued REEF ambassadors, they teach fish ID classes, host survey dives, organize volunteer events and more. Read on to find out how you can get involved with these centers of conservation action!

With more than 80 partners across the country and beyond, there are plenty of opportunities to engage! You can see the full listing of Conservation Partners or register your business or organization as a REEF Conservation Partner here:

Coco View Resort, Roatan, Honduras

CoCo View Resort (CCV) is a 29 room dive resort in Roatan, Honduras. CoCo View Resort is committed to the conservation of the diverse and wonderful reef system in Roatan as well as threatened reefs around the world. To accomplish that goal, they participate in REEF's Great Annual Fish Count in July and they host their own Seahorse Festival in November. In partnership with the Roatan Marine Park, they host lionfish licensing events for their guests weekly, and properly trained and licensed staff and guests regularly hunt lionfish on the reef.

Conservation Actions – How can you get involved?

Take a dive vacation! Dive and snorkel CoCo View Resort's amazing dive sites and house reef any time of year, while enjoying opportunities to learn about the delicate ecosystem at their doorstep, and participate in a variety of REEF’s programs. You can also join REEF's Field Survey Trip to Roatan, coming up on June 22-29, 2019, at CoCo View Resort. Click here for more information - only a few spaces remain on this trip!

• Tune in at the CCV Clubhouse and enjoy a Fishinar. Each Wednesday at 7:30pm, CCV will host a Fishinar Viewing Party so you can learn about the diverse marine life that Roatan has to offer.

• Staff and guests can participate in the Great Annual Fish Count in July, and guests can enjoy free educational and entertaining seminars on fish ID and behavior. There are contests, photo shows, and guided dives at this popular month-long event, which is free for CCV guests!

• In partnership with the Roatan Marine Park, CCV hosts lionfish licensing events for their guests weekly, and properly trained and licensed staff and guests regularly hunt lionfish on the reef. The lionfish are put to good use, and you can enjoy fresh cooked appetizers and meals from that day’s catch!

Why is conserving marine environments important, and what conservation actions does CoCo View take?

At CoCo View Resort, we feel we are the caretakers of this precious, awe-inspiring world treasure. Our resort sits on the edge of Roatan's coral reef, one of the most beautiful and most endangered natural wonders of the world. CCV participates in conservation efforts to protect this amazing ecosystem, from hunting invasive species like lionfish to providing opportunities for guests to get involved with education and research projects. CCV is all in! This spectacular ocean reef is our home, every day. We love it.

For more information, visit CoCo View Resort's webpage or check them out on Facebook.