In July 2018, REEF celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Volunteer Fish Survey Project. This REEF program is widely considered to be one of the most impactful citizen science initiatives of its kind. With over 11 million data records from 14,000+ locations worldwide, it is the largest marine fish sightings database.  The survey data have been used in a wide array of scientific studies, and serve an important source of information for government agencies charged with protecting ocean resources. As a REEF member, you make this monumental citizen science program possible!

Here’s a quick look at some of the stats from the REEF database:

• As of January 2019, the REEF database includes 235,564 marine life surveys from 15,871 volunteers.

• In 2018, 10,567 surveys were conducted and submitted by 775 volunteers (457 of those were first-time surveyors!)

• Sixteen REEF volunteers conducted and submitted at least 100 surveys in 2018. Great job Chuck Curry, Kara Curry, Pam Wade, Ron Wolfe, Don Gordon, Janet Eyre, Lillian Kenney, Dennis Bensen, Doug Harder, Kreg Martin, Tracey Griffin, Ed Gullekson, Peter Fox, MJ Farr, Janna Nichols, and Terry Hillegas!

• Janet Eyre holds the highest number of species seen on one REEF survey dive – 265 species of fish during a 75-minute dive at “The Zoo” dive site in Wakatobi, Indonesia!

Thank you to of the all citizen scientists who participate in the Volunteer Fish Survey Project! For more top stats, visit