You may have seen via email or on social media that the REEF logo has a new look! We are so excited to share this new logo with the REEF community. The new logo represents REEF's unique role in conservation. The vibrant blue hues and sun rays streaming through the water inspire feelings of hope, and the fish symbolizes our shared love of ocean life and the transformative impact of citizen science.

REEF was founded in 1990, with a vision of helping scuba divers make a difference in marine conservation, and the original red dive flag logo helped launch our cornerstone citizen science program, the Volunteer Fish Survey Project. Since then, the organization has grown from a small group of trailblazing divers into a global community of people supporting ocean conservation and education in diverse ways, on land and in the water. Conserving and protecting our ocean depends on empowering people to take action, and the new logo will support this mission as we continue to engage individuals and communities worldwide.

REEF’s red dive flag logo has been a part of our identity since the beginning. While we’re no longer using this icon to represent REEF comprehensively, you will continue to see it used in connection with some programs. Although the REEF logo looks different, our programs and activities - and our marine conservation mission - remain the same.

In the coming weeks, you'll see the new logo across our website, social media, emails, and other communications. Thank you for being part of REEF! We hope you are as excited as we are about REEF's new look.