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Into the Blue Book Club
Thursday, January 18, 8pm EST
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We're kicking off the new year by reading Rain: A Natural and Cultural History by acclaimed environmentalist Cynthia Barnett. She will be joining our meeting for a Q&A, and all are invited to join, whether or not you have read the book.

Fishinar: Look Twice - and Take Pictures! Tropical Pacific Fish Lookalikes
Wednesday, January 24, 8pm EST
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Many fishes in the tropical Pacific can look remarkably similar. Chuck Curry, one of REEF's most active tropical Pacific surveyors, will share some of his tricks for distinguishing between these tricky species.

Fishinar: Common Fishes of the Galapagos
Tuesday, February 20, 8pm EST
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The Galapagos Islands are known for their biodiversity, endemic species, and large pelagic fish. Join us to learn about some of the most commonly seen species there.