Fishinars are free webinars that will teach you the finer points of fish ID. These educational sessions are open to anyone wanting to learn more about marine life. They are great for new REEF surveyors or anyone who wants to review. We record all Fishinars and make them available online for viewing at any time. With more than 190 archived sessions, you can find one for every ocean region and every level of experience. 

Fishy Hour: Fish Jeopardy Game - Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA) Fishes
Hosted by Christy and Brice Semmens. July 9, 8:00pm EDT. Click here to register.

Common Fishes of Costa Rica
Taught by Christy Semmens, Ph.D. July 27, 8:00pm EDT. Click here to register.

Sand and Rubble of the Tropical Pacific
Taught by Amy Lee. August 12, 8:00pm EDT. Click here to register.

Social Media Updates

Follow us on TikTok
We are now on TikTok, an app that features short videos. This allows us to engage future ocean ambassadors. Follow us on TikTok: @REEF_org.

Live Lionfish Feeding on Instagram
Join us Fridays at 2:00pm on Instagram Live for a live feeding of “Sparkles” our lionfish located in the aquarium at the REEF Campus. Follow us on Instagram @REEF_org.

Underwater Photography

2020 Underwater Photography Contest Deadline: July 31
We are accepting submissions for our Underwater Photography Contest! Categories include Fish Portrait, Macro, Invertebrates, REEF Themed, and Reefscape/Habitat/Environment. Deadline to submit photos is noon on July 31. Go to for complete details on submissions and our rules and policies.

Last year's contest winners are featured in a July 2020-December 2021 calendar, which can be downloaded for free by scrolling to the bottom of this page: