Welcome to Citizen Science Corner, our quarterly feature to celebrate those who recently reached a milestone in our Volunteer Fish Survey Project. Here are achievements from April, May, or June 2022:

Juvenile Hamlet Award

The Juvenile Hamlet Award is for individuals who have conducted 500+ REEF surveys. We are recognizing two REEF members who have recently joining the Juvenile Hamlet Club:

  • Tammy Coble - surveys conducted in TWA, HAW, TEP and SAS regions
  • Jackie Myers - surveys conducted in TWA, PNW, HAW, and SOP regions

Experience Level Advancements

REEF Experience Levels are a way for divers and snorkelers to measure their fish ID knowledge along with their surveying experience. From beginner to expert, you'll find plenty of resources and friends to help you along the way. Experience Levels 2, 3, 4, or 5 are achieved through submitting a certain number of surveys and passing a fish ID test. For more info, visit www.REEF.org/experiencelevels. Let's hear it for these REEF members who have improved their fish ID skills!

All listed below are Level 2 unless otherwise noted.

California (CAL)

Amy Meier
Anaelisa Aburto
Charles Daniel
Declan Mulvany
Jonathan Kim
Linette Tobin

Central Indo Pacific (CIP)

Rachael Lewus

Hawaii (HAW)

Madalyn Mussey

Indian Ocean/Red Sea (IORS)

Carol Cox

Pacific Northwest & Alaska (PNW)

Caroline Broadbent
Sue Langston

Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA)

Carmen Toanchina - Level 5
Marsha Davis - Level 5
Todd Fulks - Level 4
Ed Benjamin - Level 3
Sarah Hartung - Level 3
Adam Pelofske
Adam Ragab
Addyson Robinson
Aiden Forkins
AJ Pedrick
Alana Hill
Allie Kinjerski
Almani Wilber
Alyssa Estrada (REEF Marine Conservation Intern)
Anne den Otter
Audrey Wagoner
Beckie Scaife
Bergen Schmid
Brynn Fricke
Cameron Essert
Cayla Bernstein (REEF Marine Conservation Intern)
Charlotte Bedford
Connor Saaty
Courtney Chinn
Craig Lynch
David Keyser
Doris Zahner
Dottie Grimes
Drew Osler
Ella Mossbacher
Ella Neal
Emily Perilla
Emily Pinneo
Emily Stuller
Erin O'Neil
Ethan Buck
Evana Somareddy
Evander Kummer
Gabriella Meinck
Gaby Bertrand
Grace Davis (REEF Marine Conservation Intern)
Guy Pinneo
Hanna Latimer-Snell
Heather Brockbank
Ilaria del Basso
Irena Pettigiani
Isabella Chacon
Jeanne Myburgh
Jet Long
Johnny Meek
Joshua Anderson
Joy Johnson
Julie Kennedy
Kelley Staber
Kristy Gross
Lauren Bulik (REEF Marine Conservation Intern)
Lauren Graf
Leigh Stasik
Lindsey Hearst
Louise Signori
Lucan Keyser
Maeva Pleines
Margalete Ezekiel
Maxime Catlin
Megan Maloney
Meriel Medina
Morgan Schmid
Nikodem Pajaczek
Paige Firman
Pamela Osler
Paton Janz
Patrick Idank
Paulette Schindele
Ronin O'Connor
Rowena Michaelis
Sadie Moxon
Shaelyn Gamble
Shay Severns
Sophia LoCascio
Sophia Neiblum
Sydney Macleod
Terence Zahner
Teresa Kontos
Trevor Chaby
Vageli Politis
Victoria Loy
Wilbur Grimes
William Andrews