Summer is the perfect season for our July Fish of the Month, the Lemon Goby, Vomerogobius flavus!

Survey Regions: The Lemon Goby is found in The Bahamas and northwestern Caribbean, part of the Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA) survey region. Click here to view the REEF database report for this species.

Size: These small fish grow to a maximum length of about 1 inch.

Identifying Features: The Lemon Goby has a thin, elongated body that is orange to bright yellow in color. They have large, dark eyes and a deep notch in their tail fin. Females may have dark dorsal, anal and ventral fins.

Fun Facts: Lemon Gobies get their name from their yellow coloration. They are found in clusters near the top of dropoffs or recesses on steep walls. They may mix with Masked/Glass Gobies and other small, schooling species. They are not frequently reported in the Tropical Western Atlantic, however they were sighted by surveyors during the REEF Field Survey Trip in Roatan last month.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next Fish of the Month.

Photo by David Ehlert.