We’re excited to introduce our Summer 2019 Marine Conservation Interns. These individuals will support the REEF team in mission-oriented tasks and daily office operations at REEF Headquarters, as well as play an integral role in our Lionfish Derby Series, Ocean Explorers Summer Camp, and other education and outreach events taking place this summer. They will also have opportunities to scuba dive, conduct fish surveys, and volunteer with environmental organizations in South Florida and the Florida Keys. This semester’s interns bring a unique set of skills and interests to REEF. They include:

Kate Dremluk from Alexandria, Virginia: Kate graduated from the University of Miami with a a B.S. in marine science and biology, and a minor in chemistry. Kate has conducted undergraduate research on ocean acidification, and also spent a semester in the Galapagos Islands doing field research. In the future she plans to attend law school. This summer, Kate is excited to take an active role in protecting Florida’s marine habitats while sharing her love of conservation, research, and education with others.

Ben Farmer from Lexington, Kentucky: Ben recently graduated from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in biology. He became interested in coral reef ecology, scuba diving, and scientific communication during a semester at CIEE Research Station in Bonaire. He has worked on a variety of environmentally-focused projects including marine protected area effectiveness in the Indo-Pacific, the biology of karst water systems, and the parental behavior of sparrows. Ben believes in the importance of ground-level support for conservation initiatives, and he strives to be an effective communicator and ambassador for the underwater world through his involvement with REEF.

Matthew Hall from Mason, Ohio: Matthew just completed his second year at Ohio State University, where he is studying biology. He started college as an astrophysics major, but after discovering a love of the ocean through scuba diving, Matt set his sights on a career in marine science and conservation. He developed education and leadership skills by spending several summers as camp counselor. Matt is excited to spend the next few months in Key Largo and learn more about the ocean through REEF's programs and diving opportunities.

Stacey Henderson from St. Johnsbury, Vermont: Stacey attended Wheaton College and has a B.A. in biology with a minor in animal behavior. He became a certified diver during an internship in Roatan, where he learned about coral nurseries and invasive lionfish. His passion for the ocean and love of diving led him to become a dive instructor, and he has taught scuba diving in Roatan, Thailand, and Malaysia. Stacey looks forward to working with REEF this summer to build on his current skills and acquire new ones while supporting marine conservation.

Our interns are a vital part of REEF and we couldn’t accomplish our mission without them! For more information about the Marine Conservation Internship or to apply for an upcoming semester, visit https://www.REEF.org/REEF-marine-conservation-internship-program.