Meet our June Fish of the Month, the Spotted Ratfish (Hydrolagus colliei)!

Survey Regions: Spotted Ratfish are found in the eastern Pacific Ocean, throughout Alaska, British Columbia to southern Califorina, and as far south as central Baja. This area includes REEF's Pacific Coast (PAC) and Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP) survey regions.
Size: They can be 8-28 inches long and grow to a maximum of 38 inches.
Identifying Features: Spotted Ratfish are brown or gray with iridescent tints of blue, green, or gold. They have characteristic white spots all over their body and a large, flattened snout.
Fun Facts: Spotted Ratfish are members of the Shortnose Chimera family. As cartilaginous fish, they are related to sharks and rays. Their first dorsal spine is venomous. Female Spotted Ratfish lay spoon-shaped egg cases in muddy or sandy areas.

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