Meet our June Fish of the Month, the Tiger Rockfish, Sebastes nigrocinctus!

Survey Regions: Tiger Rockfish are found on the Pacific Coast of the USA and Canada, from Alaska to British Columbia and south to central California. Click here to see a sightings report for the Tiger Rockfish in the REEF database.

Size: They can grow to be about 2 feet in length.

Identifying Features: Tiger Rockfish get their name from the five bars covering their body. They have cream to pink bodies and pectoral, ventral, and anal fins. 

Fun Facts: Tiger Rockfish are solitary and territorial. Although their appearance, size, and behavior is similar to that of a sea bass, they are members of the scorpionfish family. Like other scorpionfishes, the Tiger Rockfish (and other rockfish species) has venomous spines. They inhabit areas with caves, crevices, and other recesses, where they lurk hidden from view.

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Photo by Janna Nichols.