The Grouper Moon Project is a conservation science partnership between REEF, and the Cayman Islands Department of Environment (DoE), with scientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego and Oregon State University, aimed at studying endangered Nassau grouper, a social and ecological corner stone of Caribbean's coral reefs. In 2011, REEF and DoE created the Grouper Education Program, a suite of marine science lessons and activities to accompany the Grouper Moon Project. Since then, over 2,800 students have participated in this unique program, learning the economic, ecological, and cultural importance of Nassau Grouper as a top predator on Caribbean coral reefs. A highlight of the program is the annual series of live-feed sessions with the Grouper Moon research team while they are in the field on Little Cayman.

Last month, REEF educator and curriculum designer Todd Bohannon visited Grand Cayman to begin the process of updating this curriculum to more closely align with the new Cayman Islands National Curriculum, with the goal of having the Grouper Education Program curriculum be adopted by the Ministry of Education. During this trip, Todd visited 10 schools on Grand Cayman and met with teachers and administrators. He also spent time in the classroom, sharing the latest from the Grouper Moon Project with the students. The information gathered will help inform our efforts and ensure that the lessons address all required learning targets for Caymanian schools. While these efforts are focused on reaching Caymanian students, the Grouper Education Program materials can be used in any classroom! If you are an educator interested in learning more, visit