Take the challenge!

Conduct and submit 20 surveys this year and you'll have completed REEF's 20 in 2020 Challenge. You can do the surveys in any of REEF's worldwide regions, or combination thereof. Once you've submitted your surveys, you'll be sent a decal with the logo on it, and be entered into a grand prize drawing to be held at the end of the year. You'll also have the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition "20 in 2020 Challenge" rash guard.

If you complete more than 20 surveys, you'll get an additional entry and decal for each multiple of 20. For example, submitting 40 surveys gets you two decals and two entries, etc.

For more information, visit the 20 in 2020 webpage here: https://www.REEF.org/20in2020

Questions? Contact us at 202020@REEF.org

Those who have already stepped up to the challenge and submitted 20 or more surveys are:

  • Ed Gullekson
  • Cassandra Neal
  • Mike Snow
  • Mary Adams
  • Peter Leahy
  • Pam Wade
  • Pieter Booth
  • Sue Manning
  • Marta Zahalak
  • Nick Brilliande
  • Molly Myers
  • MJ Farr
  • Don McCoy
  • Richard Olson
  • Doug Harder
  • Dennis Bensen
  • Lindsay Hurst
  • Kara Curry