Put your pectoral fins together in a round of applause for Sara Cowles, who has recently achieved REEF Golden Hamlet Club status!

The Golden Hamlet Club is a highly dedicated group of surveyors who have conducted 1,000+ surveys. Sara's first REEF survey was conducted off the Kona Coast of Hawaii at Big Arch, (aka Freeze Face/Lone Tree Arch) in December 2003. Since then, she has become an avid surveyor and citizen scientist not just in Hawaii, but also in regions worldwide including TWA, TEP, SOP, and CIP. She is Experience Level 5 in the TWA, HAW, and CIP regions and Experience Level 3 in the TEP region.  Sara conducted her 1,000th survey on a REEF Field Survey Trip to Cozumel in December 2023.

Welcome Sara and congratulations on your achievement! To commemorate this significant benchmark, Golden Hamlet Club members’ names are engraved on a plaque displayed at REEF Headquarters in Key Largo. You can view all of the Golden Hamlet Club members here.