Please put your pectoral fins together for the following REEF members who have recently moved up an Experience Level within our Volunteer Fish Survey Project!

Volunteers have the opportunity to advance through five levels (Novice through Expert) within each of our survey project regions. Experience Levels are obtained by a combination of fish/invertebrate ID tests and surveys submitted. As surveyors advance, their surveys are categorized in our online sightings database accordingly.

More about our Experience Levels can be found here.

California (CAL)

  • Tiffany Poon - Level 5
  • Oren Noah - Level 2

Pacific Northwest (PNW)

  • Lauren Zitzman - Level 2

South Pacific (SOP)

  • Janet Camp - Level 5

Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP)

  • Madalyn Mussey - Level 2

Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA)

  • David Ehlert - Level 5
  • Callie Mack - Level 3
  • Jim Brittsan - Level 2
  • Krista Laforest - Level 2
  • Juan David Vanegas - Level 2

We are proud of these surveyors' achivements and look forward to the data they'll be contributing to our online database!