Introducing our May Fish of the Month, the Red Sea Anemonefish, Amphiprion bicinctus!

Survey Regions: Red Sea Anemonefish are found only in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, part of REEF's Indian Ocean & Red Sea (IORS) survey region. Click here to see the REEF database report for this species.

Size: They grow to be about 6 inches long.

Identifying Features:  Red Sea Anemonefish have two broad white body bars, and can vary in color from yellow to dark brown.

Fun Facts: Red Sea Anemonefish are one of 29 species of anemonefish (also known as clownfish) worldwide. Like other anemonefish, they live symbiotically with a host anemone. In exchange for food and protection from predators, the anemonefish help drive off intruders and keep their anemone host clean and healthy. The symbiotic partnership between clownfish and anemones is called mutualism because it benefits both animals.

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Photo by Carol Cox.