When we think about climate change, habitat destruction, and the many other challenges our oceans are currently facing, it’s easy to question how to make an impact. The answer is that together we can make a positive difference. For 25 years, REEF has worked to protect biodiversity and ocean life, through citizen science, education, and partnerships with the scientific community. REEF is regarded as one of the most effective and efficient marine data collection and conservation organizations in the world.

How can you engage? There are multiple ways. We always welcome your involvement in our citizen science fish survey efforts. You can also volunteer your time in other ways – just ask! Another option is to support REEF financially.  Our goal is to help our donors make a long-term impact on ocean conservation through philanthropy and naming opportunities. Your gift can be immediate or through estate planning.

Don’t Wait to Leave Your Legacy

Several of our present and past board of trustees and individual members have already included REEF in their estate plans. These gifts transform the organization and elevate our programs.

These wonderful philanthropic expressions are often made by donors through wills or living trusts. REEF works with individuals, families, and businesses to create personal, permanent, and powerful legacies.

Planned Giving Opportunities That Ensure REEF’s Mission Continues

REEF’s Planned Giving Program provides you with a broad range of opportunities to provide lasting support of our mission through charitable contributions that are incorporated into your financial, tax or estate plan.

The benefits of planned giving can include:

  • Immediate tax relief through an income tax charitable deduction
  • Annual income for life or for a period of years
  • Reduction or elimination of capital gains taxes on transfer of long-term appreciated assets
  • Reduction of estate taxes
  • Transfer assets to heirs at reduced tax rates

Some gifts allow you to receive income for the rest of your life, and most gifts provide a variety of tax benefits such as tax-free income, avoidance of capital gains tax, increased charitable contributions deduction and potential estate-tax savings. The choice you make will depend on the goals for yourself, your family and your overall estate and financial plans.

Your long-term commitment to REEF allows us to plan, implement, and respond to the changing needs of our marine environment. With your legacy gift, REEF can capitalize on our growing success and momentum, ensuring that our important marine conservation work continues for generations to come.

Beyond providing unrestricted support in areas of greatest need, your gift can make a difference for a specific REEF program or initiative, such as ground-breaking research, education initiatives, or citizen science programs. 

REEF’s tagline, Explore. Discover. Make a Difference., epitomizes the active stewardship role that citizens play in world-changing conservation. We hope you will honor our work with your legacy.

Our development manager Bonnie Barnes is happy to talk to you about planned giving options, and we encourage you to speak with your own financial advisor about the best choice for you and your family. Click here to learn more, and download our “Letter of Intent” form.