Meet our November Fish of the Month, the Giant Damselfish, Microspathodon dorsalis!

Survey Regions: Giant Damselfish are found throughout the Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP) survey region, including the Sea of Cortez, Central and South America, and offshore islands. Click here to view a report for adult Giant Damselfish, and click here to view a report for juvenile Giant Damselfish.

Size: True to their name, they are "giant" - at least for a damselfish. They can reach over one foot long when fully grown!

Identifying Features: Giant Damselfish have a large, bluish gray to gray body. They have long, trailing tips on their dorsal, anal, and tail fins, often with thin, pale blue to white borders. Juveniles are bright blue with a couple scattered, brillant blue spots along their back. 

Fun Facts: Giant Damselfish live on boulder-strewn rocky reefs and slopes, often in areas with surge and algae growth. They are most common in shallow water (25 feet or less.) Like some other damselfish species, they are terriorital and aggressvely guard their nests. Breeding males often have a pale gray head with a dark body.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next Fish of the Month.

Photo by Jeff Haines.