With its technicolor array of hard and soft corals, schooling pelagic fish, plentiful marine life, and clear water, the Red Sea is a spot on almost every diver's "must see" list. If you've dreamed of diving the Red Sea, now is your chance! There are just a few spaces left on our Red Sea Field Survey Trip happening on July 6-16, 2023. This ten-day liveaboard trip offers the chance to explore the shipwrecks, reefs, and pinnacles of the Egyptian Red Sea, part of REEF's newest survey region. This is just our second Field Survey Trip to the area, and we'll collect much-needed data to contribute to REEF's marine life database. If you're a fish enthusiast, you won't want to miss the chance to see endemics like the Red Sea Flasher Wrasse, pictured above. REEF Trips are a great way to learn more about the fish you see on your dives. Trips are open to all surveyor levels, from beginner to expert! You can view all the details for this trip here, and contact trips@REEF.org to book your space.