Looking to plan your next dive trip? Join us on a REEF Field Survey Trip for a week (or longer!) of fish identification, citizen science, diving, and fun with friends. To register, email trips@REEF.org. The following upcoming trips have limited availability remaining:

Gardens of the Queen, Cuba - Dec. 11-18, 2021: Known as one of the best-preserved marine areas in the Caribbean, this unique location is known for its high fish diversity and biomass. A variety of marine habitats including patch reefs, seagrass, and mangroves surround the islands, providing important nursery areas for many juvenile fish species. Large fish such as snapper, grouper and sharks are a frequent sighting for divers in this area as well. Click here for more details.

St. Vincent - Feb. 5-12, 2022: St. Vincent is known as the muck diving capital of the Caribbean, but that doesn't mean the visibility is poor. In fact, the leeward shore of the island typically has visibility up to 100 feet due to the presence of volcanic, granite-based sand that falls quickly when stirred. Surveyors hunting for "bucket list" fish species are in luck; the staff at Dive St. Vincent have a knack for finding small, cryptic species like frogfish, seahorses and more. Click here for more details.

St. Lucia - May 7-14, 2022: Located on St. Lucia's southwestern coast, Anse Chastanet s an environmentally-conscious, luxury resort with plenty of amenities and delicious food, making it a great destination for divers, snorkelers, and non-diving companions. The entire region is a protected marine area and excellent, easily accessible beach diving is available directly in front of the resort. When not diving or snorkeling, guests can enjoy sea kayaking, jungle biking, yoga and sailing. Click here for more details.

Roatan - June 4-11, 2022: Located on a secluded key in Roatan, Honduras, CoCo View Resort is well known among divers for its excellent house reef. Guests will enjoy two daily boat trips and unlimited shore diving at CoCo View’s front yard reef, where more than 300 fish species have been recorded. The resort is also great for non-divers, who may enjoy front yard snorkeling and access to ocean kayaks. Click here for more details.

Palau - June 26-July 6, 2022: This custom 10-night itinerary aboard the Rock Islands Aggressor is planned to coincide with a new moon, allowing us to dive a Bumphead Parrotfish spawning site. Palau's astounding fish life ranges from Reef Mantas visiting cleaning stations, huge schools of unicornfish and jacks, and small, cryptic species like mandarinfish and dartfish. Click here for more details.