Introducing our September 2021 Fish of the Month, the Exquisite Butterflyfish (Chaetodon austriacus)!

Survey Regions: This species is found in REEF's Indian Ocean and Red Sea (IORS) survey region. It is common in the Red Sea, and also occurs in southern Oman, although sightings are rare. Check out the REEF database sightings report for this species here.

Size: They grow to about 6 inches.

Identifying Features: Exquisite Butterflyfish have a yellow body with gray stripes and a mostly white dorsal fin. They have a black tail and anal fin, as well as a dark blotch below their dorsal fin.

Fun Facts: Exquisite Butterflyfish are found in areas of rich coral growth, where they feed on sea anemone tentacles and coral polyps. They are territorial and like most Butterflyfish, are typically seen in pairs.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next Fish of the Month.

[Photo by Carol Cox]