We're wrapping up a busy and rewarding summer season for the REEF Ocean Explorers Education Program! We hosted virtual, in person, and field-based programs for ocean lovers of all ages. Through the REEF Oceans for All initiative, we aim to foster opportunities for everyone to build connections with the ocean, regardless of zip code. Oceans for All supports scholarships, programming, and outreach activities to provide immersive, hands-on learning and exploration. Click here for more information about Oceans for All.

REEF has facilitated over 70 different Ocean Explorers Education Programs this year, serving more than 1,500 individuals from all over the country. This summer, we hosted:

• Five Virtual Field Trips for students in 3rd-8th grade
• 20 in-school education programs with Florida Keys students, from kindergarten through high school
• 22 educational programs funded by the REEF Oceans for All Fund, which provides programs at little to no cost to support diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in marine conservation
• Six Ocean Explorers Expeditions, including a service-learning trip to the Big Island of Hawaii
• One Citizen Science Workshop for formal and informal educators

To learn more about the REEF Ocean Explorers Education Program, visit www.REEF.org/explorers.