Thanks to the Ocean Reef Community Foundation’s grant funding opportunities, REEF is partnering with the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter to provide its resident children and clients with summer programs that include outdoor and water-based field trips and ocean learning. The unique habitats, plants, and animals of the Florida Keys offer a one of a kind childhood experience to those with the resources to venture outside. Educational opportunities like snorkeling, kayaking, or fishing can build a lifelong interest in and ownership of Florida's marine resources, which are economically and ecologically important. REEF is excited to provide these educational field programs to children who otherwise may not have the opportunity.

Participants for this program include clients physically living at the Shelter’s Tavernier residential facility and local children being served by the organization's community-based counselors. Programs and activities are designed to encourage positive self-esteem, self-reliance, problem solving, and positive social behaviors. For some of these children, Nature Days may be a life-changing experience inspiring career aspirations. 

Thank you, Ocean Reef Community Foundation for sponsoring this focused learning program to support REEF and the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter!