Every month, scientists, government agencies, and other groups request raw data from REEF’s Fish Survey Project database. Recent examples of data requests include:

-       Staff from MacArthur State Beach Park in Florida are using REEF data to evaluate fish populations in the park.

-       Researchers at SeaDoc Society and Washington Department of Fish and Game are using REEF data to evaluate Northern (Pinto) Abalone in Washington State

-       A researcher at Washington Department of Natural Resources is also using REEF data from Washington State in an agency evaluation of the status of Bull Kelp and other algae and marine plants.

-       A research associate from the IUCN Marine Biodiversity Unit is using the Caribbean REEF dataset to identify Caribbean fishes that are most vulnerable to invasive lionfish predation.

-       A graduate student at FIU is evaluating fish populations in the USVI National Parks.

-       A scientist from Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Bermuda is evaluating REEF data on local seahorse sightings.