Greetings REEF Members. This issue of REEF-in-Brief brings you updates on several of REEF's programs as well as announcements of upcoming events. Earlier this month, we launched a new lecture series, REEF Fish and Friends. These informative presentations will be held the second Tuesday of every month in the Florida Keys. Our invasive lionfish work has expanded to begin working with countries on the forefront of the invasion. Through extensive field training and outreach, REEF staff are providing these countries with the tools necessary to minimize the impact that the lionfish will have on native reef ecosystems and economies.

Our REEF Field Survey season is in full gear. These trips are the perfect way to take a dive vacation with a mission. To remind you why you should join one of these fun and meaningful vacations, enjoy reading the highlights of my recent trip to St. Lucia and our annual trip to Cozumel, led by 2008 Volunteer of the Year and fish instructor extraordinaire, Sheryl Shea. With the upcoming sinking of the Vandenberg, REEF Advanced Assessment Team members are on the task to monitor fish recruitment to the artificial reef after it is deployed. And our staff and volunteers in the Pacific Northwest are spreading the word about REEF at several conferences and dive shows.

And finally, we are excited to announce the renaming of REEF Headquarters to honor James E. Lockwood. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Lockwood, the historic conch house that is home to REEF in Key Largo will be fixed up. We will also be expanding our outreach and capacity building efforts. Including REEF in an estate is a valuable way that REEF members can create a lasting impact to the future of our important marine conservation work. Please contact me at 305-852-003 or if you are interested in maximizing your philanthropic giving.

Best Wishes,