Hello REEF Members. In this edition of REEF-in-Brief, we reflect on some of our recent activities, as well as introduce you to the newest member of the REEF Staff, Lisa Mitchell. Lisa will be taking over as REEF's Executive Director next month.  Our close relationship with the marine world and our commitment to its preservation are unmistakably evident in the news briefs below. From REEF acquiring a strong, new leader, to dissecting lionfish, to night-lighting for larval grouper, to transplanting coral cuttings, to encountering a new species, to recording a unique snapshot of a fish population for posterity, it’s all here. A blend of discovery, fulfillment, joy, and purpose: In other words – Diving that Counts! We hope that you enjoy reading this month's REEF-in-Brief. And be sure to watch your inbox next week for an important message from REEF co-founder Ned DeLoach and his wife Anna about our semi-annual fundraising drive. Once again, we have a donor willing to match your donations dollar for dollar and your contributions are critical to REEF's ongoing marine conservation work. We will also be offering a exclusive Album of the Sea screensaver for donations of $50 or more.