Hello and Happy September! We are pleased to unveil the 2008 Field Survey Schedule in this edition of REEF in Brief, as well as fill you in on some of the important field work that we have going on around the REEF survey regions. Learn about the fifth year of monitoring at the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary in Washington, new and growing partnerships with the New England Aquarium and others in the northeast, a collaborative research project at the world's only undersea laboratory in Key Largo, and the results of ongoing exotic species work on lionfish in the Bahamas. In outreach news, REEF has launched a new training program in the Pacific northwest and one of our fabulous fall interns introduces herself in the context of a land-locked childhood.

Finally, REEF brings you important tips for filling out a scanform. I know you're probably thinking "Pul-ease. I already know how to do that!" Humor us and please review this information to help cut down on the time it takes to process your valuable data. Of course, if you're thinking, "What's a scanform?" click here to learn more about the REEF Volunteer Survey Project and start doing surveys yourself.

Happy fall and best fishes from REEF,

Leda A. Cunningham