Hello and Happy Fall! In this issue of REEF-in-Brief, we remind you of the many ways to make dives that count, and share secrets for success in using the Online Data Entry program. While we still process paper survey scansheets, we highly recommend that our surveyors submit their data to the Volunteer Survey Project through the online program. Not only is it faster and more accurate, it requires less REEF staff resources and saves money on postage and paper.

We have great stories in this issue. You will read about our intrepid team of Advanced Assessment Team divers in the Pacific Northwest who recently completed the 6th year of monitoring at the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. And we have a Notes From the Field report from REEF Director of Special Projects, Lad Akins, on his recent activities in studying the invasion of Indo-Pacific Lionfish in the Bahamas. Finally, one of our active Florida surveyors reports on a recent mystery fish sighting that turned out to be quite a find!

And be sure to check out the new 2009 Field Survey brochure

We hope that you enjoy catching up on the recent news from REEF.

Best fishes and parrotfish kisses,