Dear Valued REEF Members,

We are excited to bring you the latest issue of REEF-in-Brief and share with you many of REEF's recent accomplishments and activities. REEF’s environmental mission is moving forward at a robust pace and we appreciate your continued interest in our work. In addition to the programs featured below, our Grouper Moon Project, supported by a three-year grant from Lenfest Ocean Program of Pew Trusts, continues to pioneer the study of Nassau Grouper spawning aggregations – knowledge critical to the management of this endangered species. Indo-Pacific Lionfish are spreading across the Caribbean Basin and into the Florida Keys more rapidly than anticipated. This event has increased the significance of REEF’s ongoing efforts to establish and implement realistic protocols to help minimize the impact. As these programs continue to develop, our Fish Survey Project also recently reached a major milestone - over 130,000 surveys collected in the past 16 years. Last month also marked the departure of Lisa Mitchell as Executive Director. We would like to thank Lisa for her year of service and her implementation of many valuable outreach programs. REEF’s important work will continue with our current staff, and we look forward to a bright future as we enhance our traditional programs and launch new initiatives. As always, a hearty thanks for your steadfast support of our unique and timely mission to safeguard reef fish populations.

Yours truly,