REEF's Volunteer Fish Survey Project database totals almost 260,000 surveys. A small group of highly dedicated surveyors, known as the Golden Hamlet Club, have contributed significantly to this total by each conducting 1,000 or more REEF surveys. It's with great excitement that we welcome Cassandra Neal to the Golden Hamlet Club!

Cassandra has been a REEF member since 2001 and is an expert level surveyor in both the Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA) and Eastern Atlantic & Mediterranean (EAM) regions. She has also submitted data in several other survey regions including Hawaii (HAW), the South Pacific (SOP), and Central Indo-Pacific (CIP).

You can read more about Cassandra's surveying journey and see photos here. From triple frogfish to tricky fish, she's got some great fish stories!

We're delighted that Cassandra has reached this milestone and are so grateful to have her as a member and enthusiastic supporter of the REEF family for the past two decades. Congratula-fins, Cassandra!

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