Did you know there are many local and national companies who give back daily to non-profits they care about? These companies allow you to easily support REEF, just by changing a few small things in the way you shop or receive services.

AmazonSmile is the simplest way to include REEF in your day-to-day shopping. REEF receives a quarterly check from Amazon for a portion of the money you spend. Simply designate REEF as your charity of choice, and shop through AmazonSmile, instead of Amazon.

Support Businesses That Support REEF
In 2018, REEF implemented a Cause Marketing Program, allowing businesses who support REEF’s mission to help us build awareness and raise funds for our work when you purchase their products or services.

These corporate partners show their support of REEF by contributing a percentage of their sales to our global conservation and education efforts. All participating businesses are featured on our Shop to Support page. On this page you will find retailers like Backscatter, as well as charters, clothing, sunscreen, underwater photographers, breweries, and coffee. Each of these companies cares about conservation and provides you with the opportunity to support REEF through the purchases or services you already use.

Next time you shop, consider buying from one of our corporate partners. We are so appreciative of the support of these businesses! In addition to our Shop to Support partners, you can support REEF by shopping in our online store.

Do You Have A Business That Wants To Give Back?
Today more than ever, consumers look for products that not only meet their immediate needs, but give back to the community. Merchandisers, restaurants and service companies are looking for ways to attract this audience, which tend to become loyal customers. With REEF’s Cause Marketing Program, you have the ability to promote your business while increasing increase awareness of our mission and work through brand awareness and affinity campaigns. To learn more and apply, click here.