If you have any REEF surveys that you haven't yet entered, now is the perfect time to submit them. The marine life information collected by REEF volunteers is an extremely useful tool used by scientists and researchers protect our oceans. Each survey can help make a difference in the health of the ocean - but these data must be submitted to the REEF database to make an impact! You can start 2023 with a clean slate (pun intended) by entering all your surveys before the year ends. If you conduct and enter at least 25 surveys in 2022, you are eligible to receive a special Conservation Challenge sticker. If you have already submitted 25 surveys, visit www.REEF.org/conservationchallenge to claim your exclusive sticker. Stay tuned for updates on the Conservation Challenge, coming in 2023.

Pro tip: Your REEF surveys do not expire! That means it is never too late to submit your survey data, no matter how old your surveys may be.