The Golden Hamlet Club is a highly dedicated group of surveyors who have conducted 1,000 or more REEF surveys as as part of the Volunteer Fish Survey Project. We recently welcomed two new surveyors: Marta Bonatz and Joe Mangiafico. They join 40 other Golden Hamlet Club members.

Marta Bonatz

Marta conducted her first surveys in Puerto Rico in 2005 on a REEF Field Survey Trip, and has been hooked ever since. Her favorite fishes are Clown Coral Blennies, Manta Rays, and Eagle Rays. Marta serves as a member of REEF's Board of Trustees and lives in Key Largo, FL.
Read more about Marta here.

Joe Mangiafico

Joe started surveying in the Northeast US, where he was the most prolific surveyor in the region. Several years ago, he moved to the Pacific Northwest, and he has continued to survey there. Some of his favorites animals are the Giant Pacific Octopus and the various species of rockfish.
Read more about Joe here.

Congratulations to Marta and Joe! Click here to read more about the Golden Hamlet Club.