REEF Fishinars are fun, live, interactive webinars, open to anyone who wants to learn about ocean life. Our upcoming schedule includes a four-part beginner's course for the Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA) survey region, which includes Florida, the Caribbean, and The Bahamas. This series will cover the 60 most common fish species in this region and feature plenty of reviews and quizzes. This series will be an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in getting started as a surveyor, as well as provide a great review for advanced TWA surveyors. Join us for any or all of the upcoming sessions! Each Fishinar will be recorded, so if you miss one or want to watch them again, you can view them any time online, along with over 160 additional archived presentations.

Tropical Western Atlantic Beginner’s Course Fishinars

Part 1: April 30 at 8pm EST
Part 2: May 2 at 8pm EST
Part 3: May 7 at 8pm EST
Part 4: May 9 at 8pm EST

All you need to participate in a Fishinar is a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and an internet connection – no microphones or webcams are needed. You may watch alone or as a group. Fishinars are great events for dive club meetings or in classroom settings! To register for upcoming Fishinars and view the full 2019 schedule, please visit