Who doesn't love Surgeonfish?

They're big and easy to see underwater, colorful, and plentiful in the Pacific Ocean. So consider this a pre-Thanksgiving treat from us to you - an entire Fishinar devoted to these oval-shaped beauties, taught by REEF Director of Science, Dr. Christy Semmens. Tune in on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 8pm Eastern Time.

Christy will lead you through what to look for and how to identify some of the most common Surgeonfish you'll come across while diving and snorkeling in REEF's Tropical Pacific regions, including the South Pacific, the Indo Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea. Register for this Fishinar here.

Be sure to mark your calendar for Wednesday Dec. 4, at 8pm Eastern time for a Lionfish Update Fishinar, from our Invasive Species Program Manager, Dr. Alli Candelmo. Find out the latest research and info on these voracious (although admittedly cool-looking) predators invading Tropical Western Atlantic waters. Register for this Fishinar here.

  • You can tune in live from a computer, tablet or mobile device with a good internet connection
  • Register for these free sessions online at www.REEF.org/fishinars
  • REEF has over 170 archived presentations and REEF members can stream or download them any time from www.REEF.org/fishinararchives

We hope you can join our upcoming Fishinars!