Active civic engagement is at the heart of REEF’s values. As a grassroots citizen science organization, we believe in the power of individuals and communities working together to make a difference. One way we can do that is by participating in elections. Whatever your values and priorities, every voice matters, and it is your privilege and right to vote.

REEF is committed to doing our part. As a demonstration of that, REEF is making the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, US election day, an employee holiday to reduce barriers that may prevent voter engagement and encourage active participation. Will you join us in this effort? Register to vote, make a plan for how you’ll submit your ballot, and encourage your friends, neighbors, and family to do the same.

Whatever you care about, go vote for it. The issues and people that matter to you need your vote on November 3. You can visit to check your registration status, request a mail-in ballot, find your polling location, and more.